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Hướng dẫn tải và cài đặt PUBG Lite. không cần fake IP. tốc độ cao
Free-To-Play PUBG LITE Beta Released in Thailand
Right now, the PUBG LITE is only available in Thailand, with the game’s current beta version acting as a test case which will allow PUBG Corp to decide whether or not their latest version of PUBG is viable in other regions of the globe.

PUBG Lite is shutting down its services starting April 29

 · PUBG Lite was officially launched in Thailand in January 2019. This is the lower-end sibling of the original PUBG game made for lower-end PCs. It was distributed across Southeast Asia, Asia, Latin America, and Europe in 2019. The last update for the game was

‘PUBG Lite’ Shutting Down On April 29; Player Support …

 · “PUBG Lite” Beta was launched in 2019 in Thailand and the release in other Asian and European countries followed soon after. In November 2020, devs ditched L …
PUBG Lite Shuts Down At The End Of April
 · The free-to-play PUBG Lite is being shut down, according to its developer, Krafton. The game, meant to be a less technically demanding version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, launched in 2019 in Thailand in beta form before arriving in Europe …
PUBG Lite Gets Thailand Release For Now
PUBG Lite is only using the Third Person Perspective mode with the Erangel map in the beta. This could all change as the beta moves forward. This test in Thailand could be a positive step forward for PUBG and fans of the game.

Possible Reasons Why PUBG Lite Was Discontinued

 · In Thailand, PUBG Lite was introduced in its beta version in January 2019. The initial response was quite good and Krafton’s efforts towards making it more accessible garnered praise. Last year in November, Krafton even made it a free-to-play game by doing away with the in-game currency.

When is the release date of PUBG Lite ? – PUBG LITE …

When is the release date of PUBG Lite ? The Beta Test for PUBG LITE has been serviced since January 24th starting with Thailand, then to SEA regions (Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore) in February followed by …

PUBG Lite is shutting down this month and it’s no longer …

 · PUBG Lite, for those of you who don’t know, was launched in beta in January 2019 in Thailand. It was well-received in the community and Krafton was …

‘PUBG Lite’ shutdown: Here’s until when players can …

 · How ‘PUBG Lite’ is different from the main ‘PUBG’ game for PC, consoles “PUBG Lite” first launched in January 2019, initially in Thailand only, with a free-to-play model.
PUBG Lite Full Cracked Version Download
 · As I mentioned above, only Thailand servers are open now, so download and install the PUBG Lite Thailand VPN we have given above and select the Thailand location. After choosing Thailand with VPN, let’s follow the steps below. We have established PUBG

PUBG Lite, a free-to-play version for low-end machines, …

 · PUBG Lite debuted in early 2019 in Thailand before expanding to other regions later that year. The game adopted a free-to-play model in late 2020. The base game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is

PingBooster Support PUBG LITE PC Game in 15 …

PUBG LITE is now available in 15 countries! PUBG LITE Beta Test will no longer be limited to Thailand but be available in nine more countries. Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar have been added to the previously announced regions – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau and New update from Brazil and Turkey
PUBG Lite Download
Since PUBG PC Lite is currently available in Thailand only as the development tea is testing the lite version there, not all players can download the lite version to their PC. However, with a detailed guide below, you will know how to download PUBG Lite for PC Windows 10, 32/64 bit easily.

Play Station ‘PUBG Lite’ Beta Test Begins in Thailand

BANGKOK – PUBG Corp, the company behind the game, announced an open test beta for the new version of the game is open to play today, but before you get too excited, it’s only going to be available in Thailand for the foreseeable future. PUBG Lite is a new free


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