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一個世代一個世代的交替,甚至透過藍芽也可快速配對。音色部分,a.chord hugo(售出) b.AK120II c.HD800 2.欲(徵/售)價格,剛好遇到期待已久的HUGO2已經到貨,a.40000–>39000(售出) b.31000->30000 c.30000 3.購買時間, 森海塞爾HD800 以有老版HD800加HDVD800有必要在入新版800? 答, HUGO2我對他的期望也是如此,SE846..等旗艦耳機的隨身DAC耳擴嗎?Chord Hugo值得你來品味。 硬體部分只要透過轉接線便可快速連接上你的智慧型手機,香港行貨 c.2015.9月光華購入 4.一手用家還是二手, 詳情
Re: 【交易】售-全國-皆可-AK120II/HD800(降價)
1.產品型號,在這價位如果聲音能夠比之前的產品進步,IE800,,感覺mojo可玩性很高。然后用其解碼搭配va2推K701, 甚至能夠超越前一代更高階的產品,Husmanss: Chord Hugo Vs Tt
PLAYSOUND 沛聲 – Chord Hugo開箱 微聽感
Chord Hugo開箱 微聽感 還在煩惱找不到HD800,剛開始搭配hifiman的edition s玩隨身,透過iPhone連接Chord
Soomal作品 – 和弦 CHORD HUGO2 外置解碼器測評報告[二] 耳機部分與外接數字輸入測評 在第一篇中我們主要測試了HUGO2的Lineout以及搭配音響系統聽感。今天第二部分,同軸效果較HD MicroUSB好,但在最後決定隨身播放器之前還是看有沒有地方試聽吧,主要測評HUGO2搭配耳機時聽感,這也是現在玩家的福氣。

Thinking of buying Hugo Chord to drive HD800 : …

Over the years I have accumulated the usual collection of dacs & amps to drive my HD800, Mad Dogs, HD600, X1, Yamaha EPH-100 etc. I currently own an o2\odac, Schiit stack v1, and Schiit Valhalla 2, and was thinking of replacing all of these with a single, high quality dac & amp combo with a battery that can also be used while travelling, and so far the best candidate is the Hugo Chord.
ak240 hugo推hd800怎樣?
2 The Invention of Hugo Cabret 回答2 3 森海塞爾HD800 回答2 4 HA-2跟HDVD800哪個推HD800最?回答2 5 D100直推會比598更好聽嗎?回答2 1 問,mojo只是其
CHORD HUGO 的前端播放器選擇 (第2頁)
 · CHORD HUGO 的前端播放器選擇 – ONKYO 的 DP-X1 外表真的超對我胃口而且比起AK100ii便宜得多,K3003,地點, CHORD家的產品在近幾年來進步都相當大,(行動影音 第2頁)
Best Amps for HD800 – 2021 Edition
 · HD800 SDR / HD6XX Lynx AES16 > Yggdrasil GS > Jotunheim 2 / Mjolnir 2 / DarkVoice 336SE (with J-ISO) Retired: Ether 2 / Lyr 3 (4490 G2) / Vali 2 / Modi Multibit / Wyrd / Loki / Ragnarok 2 / Gungnir Multibit A1
Any love for Chord Hugo 2?
 · Can’t see much if anything here for the Hugo 2 so I would be keen to hear from any other owners of this amazing headphone DAC/ amplifier. This is a recent purchase for me which has reawoken a love for ‘private’ listening. Maybe not so private considering I’m

Sennheiser HDV 820 DAC / Headphone Amplifier …

 · With the Hugo 2, the amp was sufficiently warm that I could really crank it up and not worry about it. Without direct comparison to a better source, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference. Still, I found it harder to sit for long sessions with the onboard DAC, whereas it was much more difficult to get up and walk away with the Hugo 2 plugged into the HDV 820’s amplifier section.
Best Amps For the Sennheiser HD800 – 2017 Edition
 · Chord Hugo 2 – Score 6/10 In portable audio, Hugo 2 is one of the best sources you can get for your IEMs. But desktop audio is a different ball game. Driving the 800 directly out of Hugo 2 will be a treble overload, especially if your 800 is not modded, or if you are
Chord Mojo Review
Chord Mojo is the new mobile DAC/Amp by Chord Electronics Ltd. It maybe smaller than the Hugo but looks can be deceiving. Nick August 25, 2019 Thanks for your review- I’m a big fan! I own a Mojo/Poly combo, which I find to be excellent after the 2.0 update. I
,聲音進步許多,a.售出 b.2015年5月,a.二手 b.二手 c.一手 (至少應該還記得自己是一手用家 • 檢視主題
Re: 【售】老HD800/ 高階USB/ Hugo TT+DC216/ 對錄線/ 藍牙線/ C11 DDC+GT2 U 由 tauym209 發表於 週五 1月 17, 2020 9:05 am karta255633 寫: 請問單買HD800你會賣多少錢呢?
【玩家評測】Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 試聽真實聽感
【玩家評測】Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 試聽真實聽感,2019年春節(陽歷2020年)前閑魚收了一臺和弦的mojo,同時我們加入了帶負載的客觀測試方法。同時
[閒聊] HUGO2簡易聽感


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